There are some people that keep meticulous records of their finances and some which do not worry at all and really have no idea about their finances at all. Most people, fall somewhere in between and have some idea but not specific details. It is important to keep a track though and make sure that you are aware as to what is going on. This is for a number of reasons.

To Avoid Debt

It can be rather too easy these days to get into debt. Although debt is not all bad and can provide us with a very useful service at times, it is not good if we accidently go into debt perhaps by going overdrawn or overspending on our credit card. It could also be the case that we spend too much money at the start of the month and then have nothing left for bills that came in at the end. By keeping a close check on what we are spending, then we will know what we have left to spend. We also need to be aware of what bills we are likely to have before we next get paid and by keeping records, we will be able to find that out. Also knowing what money you have in savings will enable you to be able to pay for things that you may not have enough money in the current account for and not just borrow money without being aware that you could avoid that borrowing by using money that you have in a savings account instead.

To Help with Saving

If you want to increase the amount of money that you are saving, then it will help to be aware of what you are spending. If you know how much you spend on everything, you may be able to see areas where you can cut down. Comparing prices can help you to choose cheaper options and you may even decide that you cut down on spending in certain areas. It is good to think about every purchase and whether you really need to spend the money and if there are cheaper options. By doing this and keeping a track of what you are spending and on what, you will be able to cut back spending in some areas and then free up some money so that you will be able to save it.

To be Aware of Purchases

Being more aware of what you are spending your money on can be a really useful thing to do. Often we can get to the end of the month and not have much or any money left and wonder what we spent it on. By keeping a close track on what you are spending, you will not forget what you have bought. It is really important to look at the prices because you will then have a much better idea on where your money is going. So if you are not aware of what you are spending on electricity, for example, but just let the payments go out of your account, you will not know whether you could get it cheaper anywhere else. If you take notice of prices more whenever you spend money, then you might choose to buy cheaper alternative and you could save a significant amount of money. You will also think harder about every item you are buying and whether it is something that you really need.


Many of us do live beyond our means. This means that we spend more money than we earn and need to take out loans from companies to survive. To avoid doing this it is important to keep track of our finances. By doing this we could avoid getting into debt, increase the amount of money that we spend and generally be aware of what we are buying. It means that we will not have so much clutter and so many things in our homes, not be so wasteful with money, be less likely to get into unnecessary debt and be able to save more money. It is also important to keep track of our finances as it can help us to be in a better financial situation and be very aware of where we stand financially and what we can and cannot afford to buy.